Master Robert D. Tocher

MAC KARATE Owner & Chief Instructor

Master Robert TocherRobert Tocher is a Christian martial artist dedicating his life to Jesus Christ, his eternal Lord and Savior while exposing children and adults alike to martial arts with a foundation in Christian principles of love and respect for oneself, each other and the Creator. He started his training in 1998 under the direction of Grand Master Charles Terry, M.D., 9th degree black belt in Ryukyu Kempo, the owner of MKA Karate School located in Drexel Hill, PA. Dr. Terry trains under Professor George Dillman, 10th degree black belt, Grand Master of Ryukyu Kempo and owner of DKI, Dillman Karate International. read more

Robert quickly fell in love with the many benefits that Ryukyu Kempo (pressure point self defense) has to offer, excelled in the system, and was promoted through the ranks. He began assisting children and adult classes to further his development and prepare him for black belt. Robert received his 1st degree black belt in 2002, continued his training that included teaching one full day of classes weekly. In 2010, Robert was promoted to Master level, 4th degree black belt and continues training and teaching.

As a part of MKA’s open mind philosophy, the school incorporates two other martial art styles into its daily practice. The art of Small Circle Jujitsu (joint locks and throws) was founded by Professor Wally Jay and was passed on to his son, Grand Master Leon Jay, 10th degree black belt. Master Tocher has dedicated time to learn this art, and in 2012 earned his 1st degree black belt in Small Circle Jujitsu. The second art is Modern Arnis, Filipino Stick Fighting (weapons self defense). Master Tocher earned the rank of Probationary Black on June 21, 2014 in Modern Arnis and is now working towards his 1st degree black belt.

In December 2012, Robert established Martial Artists for Christ LLC (MAC KARATE). In January 2013 he began teaching students at the Bethlehem Township Community Center in Bethlehem, PA. Through out the year, Master Tocher hosted various self-defense seminars for such organizations as: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Community Centers, Churches, martial art schools, etc.). During the summer of 2013, he ran a Junior summer karate camp at the Forks Township Community Center in Easton, PA.

Finally on May 1, 2014 Master Tocher opened up his first commercial school location in the Palmer Park Mall, Easton, PA. A grand opening event was held on June 14 where the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted an official ribbon cutting ceremony, catering by Chick-fil-A including a visit from the cow, and a seminar run by Grand Master Charles Terry. The school is growing slow and steady growing its student base and looking for opportunities to serve the community through various events and projects.

On August 2, 2014 Master Tocher participated in black belt testing held at MKA Karate with Grand Master Terry. Master Tocher was promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt and continues to learn and develop his martial arts and way of life.



Where We Are Going

We are a Christ centered martial arts school where every student comes to personally know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior while becoming outstanding martial artists with a focus in Ryukyu Kempo. We actively seek to have others experience God’s love through martial arts in a safe, welcoming, and loving environment.

Mission Statement:

How We Get There

Martial Artists for Christ’s mission is to provide a safe, nonthreatening, loving, and fun environment to learn and experience Christ’s unconditional love for you and for all through the practice of martial arts.

  • The school will be grounded in Christian principles that support’s love and respect for one self and others.
  • Martial arts classes will instill self-discipline, mental focus, control, and sensitivity to others through the interaction with classmates.
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  • Students will learn and become efficient at goal setting, decision making, organization, and achieving their goals.
  • Students will also learn from making mistakes and how to find the positive in what is considered a negative situation.

We challenge students to be life-long learners and reach their full potential, spiritually, physically, emotionally and martial arts-wise within a community of respect and responsibility.

Program Locations

Palmer Township, Easton, PA

MAC KARATE is located at the Palmer Park Mall in Easton, PA 18045. We are neighbors to The Bon-Ton and Amateur Athlete. The class types are Little Dragons (4-6yrs old), Juniors (7-13yrs old) and Adults (14yrs. & up).